About Randy's Chicken Blog


Hi! I’m Randy and this is my chicken blog. I write it, edit it, take the pictures, feed the chickens, hug the chickens, etc. I blog because a few years ago, I got these chickens…I had no idea when I got my first chickens that I was venturing into an entirely new and fascinating world. Who knew that each chicken would have its own personality, that chickens had such a huge range of vocalizations that they literally “talk” to each other, that they have this amazing, intricate social structure, or that there would be so much drama in the coop—love, conflict, friendship, sex, motherhood, anxiety—a virtual soap opera playing out before my eyes every day?

Come explore this world with me as I examine chickens, chicken behavior, chicken diseases, chicken coops, chicken equipment, chicken books, and all sorts of other stuff.

I hope you find a little entertainment and glean a few facts. At the very least I hope you come away with this:

1. My chickens are really cool.

2. All chickens are really cool.

3. The majority of chickens being raised for meat or egg production, in spite of their inherent coolness, are treated cruelly. You can help make changes by your purchasing habits. Educate yourself! Read labels! Check company websites!

4. If you have the means and desire to keep some chickens, go for it!